AdoreOil™ is engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing, and selling a premium variety of consumer non-cyclical products such as natural soap and beauty care products. AdoreOil is organized to develop and deliver into these product categories:

  1. Skin Care
  2. Hair Care
  3. Personal Grooming
  4. Massage Oil
  5. Natural Soap

The AdoreOil brand families are:

All products available under contract for private label and/or wholesale distribution.

Unique, proprietary raw materials developed for the purpose of establishing the foundation for the manufacture of sellable finished goods include:

AdoreOil was founded on Independence Day, July 4, 2012 and operates as a sole-proprietership in the Enterprise township of unincorporated Clark County, Nevada. All sales are subject to state and local sales tax.

Veteran Owned.   Made In USA.   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

All products made with ExtraGoodGoodKarma™.

Definition of ExtraGoodGoodKarma (egkstrah|ehgkstrah|eckstruh gud, gud, car-mah|car-muh) Noun. An intangible raw material that cannot be quantified. A unary quality that is imparted into an object through the unique effort, hard work, good intention, careful thought, and positive prayers of the maker with the desire to, in some small way, improve or contribute to the quality of the lives of those who use the object. A charitable sharing of energy in the metaphysical or spiritual sense for the betterment from one person to another. A kindness or silent blessing. No two are alike.

CONTACT: Christopher Green, Owner.
  Tel: (702) 463-1464
ADDRESS:  AdoreOil
  7942 Tolbooth Street
  Las Vegas, NV, 89139-6462

Charities supported:  


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